How to Redeem the Hyyyla Gift Card

Personalized your item & Redeem the Hyyyla gift card 設計手機殻及禮品卡兌換流程

Scan QR code/ visit the website by following the link on the back of the gift card

在禮品卡背面用APP 掃描QR 代碼/ 瀏覽器輸入網址

Selete your item or case to start


Choose your preferred color and click “PERSONALIZE”

選擇你的產品顏色後 點選 PERSONALIZE 開始個人化產品

Edit text & select text options


Click ADD TO CART andd enter checkout process

自定完成後點選 ADD TO CART 加入購物車

Review your order details


Input your contact information and address and gift card code ,click “Apply Coupon” , then click Proceed to Checkout

輸入個人資料`送貨地址 以及禮品卡序號, 然後按下 Apply Coupon, 扣減商品總價,然後按 Proceed to Checkout

Click Place Order to Complete . We will process and shipment

點選 “Place Order” 完成訂單, 耐心等候我們,會把你的貨物送到府上

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